Transform sitting into an activity that improves your health

Transform sitting into an activity that improves your health

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Balanced Active Sitting

SitTight is a chair that combines physical activity and mental focus. We call it “balanced active sitting”. This stabilizes your spine as it strengthens your core, which improves posture and makes you burn calories simply by sitting, resulting in an overall healthier lifestyle. Plus, balancing requires you to stay mentally engaged which allows you to be more alert and productive. 

Get Fit While You Sit

Recent medical research has concluded that sitting for extended periods is so unhealthy that the term “sitting disease” is being used to describe it.

The SitTight chair is engineered to counter the affects of a sedentary lifestyle, allowing people to turn sitting into an activity that improves their health, by simply using their body’s natural ability to balance.

"Now sitting and working is an absolute joy. I work longer and feel better!"
John Preston
Running Springs, CA
Improve your posture by challenging your balance
Unlock the value of your standing desk.
Control the amount of exercise with the adjustable air bladder
Minimalistic design with a modern office environment in mind.​​
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Watch The SitTight Story

We want to introduce the world to balanced active sitting and help people get fit while they sit.


Calorie burn occurs as the activation of your core muscles cause an increase in heart rate which contributes to weight loss.


Increased brain activity resulting from the complex synchronization of mental function and physical movement required when you balance.


When Balancing on SitTight, you turn your everyday sitting into an activity that adds excitement to your workday.

SitTight Features

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This will lower morbidity”

-Dr. David Dempsey

Featured on Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca

The SitTight Chair

Engineered to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Invest in your good health today!