Fitness for your Body

Challenging the body’s ability to balance is the most effective way to strengthen the paraspinal muscles in the postural system. These muscles keep the vertebra aligned in the spine, support proper posture and are critical to maintaining good balance.

Increased caloric burn and heart rate are caused by the activation of the core muscles. Our chair rides on an adjustable air bladder that controls the amount of energy it takes to stay on your center of gravity, whether sitting or standing. It is typical to experience a 15-20% increase in heart rate all while working uninterrupted at a desk, reading a book or watching TV!

Focus for your Mind

SitTight promotes increased brain activity and improved cognitive performance from the complex synchronization of mental function and the physical movement required for balance.

Today, balance therapy is being employed in clinics to increase focus, concentration and brain health to treat conditions such as ADHD, demential, concussive head injuries and more.

Fun for your Soul

The movement caused by balancing on a SitTight creates a sensation similar to riding a bicycle and adds pleasure to the workday. The benefit of improved circulation, increased brain activity and heightened cardiac activity makes for a more alert, engaged and enlightened mood.

The SitTight Chair

Engineered to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Invest in your good health today!