SitTight Reviews

“Now sitting and working is an absolute joy. I work longer and feel better!”
John Preston
Running Springs, CA
“Great product, especially if you use a standing desk.  Will do wonders for your back, core and brain!  Love mine.”
Ron Vaisbort, J.D., CIPP-US
San Francisco Bay Area
“We use SitTight in our brain rehabilitation center and we did a limited study on it.  The study showed that SitTight can improve focus, concentration and 'brain health'.  We also use it in our center to do specific proprioceptive exercises and the results are significant.”
Markus Ernst PT OMPT
Colorado Springs, CO
“I’ve been using this chair for months now and it’s awesome.  I love that it allows me to exercise while I'm sitting.”
Renee Patillo
Las Vegas, NV
“Just got a SitTight at work and it is awesome!  I love it.  Now I won't complain about sitting down anymore.”
Patty Avila
Vancouver, WA
“Sitting on mine right now!  It forces me to maintain great posture and simultaneously engage my core. Feeling great!”
Kel Hodel
Waxhaw, NC
“SitTight empowers the individual with a tool that can positively change their chronic neuromuscular pain by strengthening their core supportive spinal musculature.”
Dr. Kalei N. Campbell, DC
Chiropractor in Newport Beach, CA
“The SitTight chair has become an integral part of our clinical neuro-mechanical rehabilitation process. The chair provides many in clinic treatment options as well as a great transition to a home program and continued recovery.”
Denver, CO
“I love this chair! I sit at a desk for 7 hours a day and have already noticed a difference in my core strength and posture after using it for just one week.  Additonally, I have trail horses but I don't ride in the winter due to icy conditions, so it's also going to be useful for keeping my riding muscles in shape!”
Claire Messier and Torii
Uxbridge, MA
“This chair is great! I am completely blind so I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be user friendly, but it was easy for me to use. When I was younger I wrestled and now that I have gotten older I have arthritis and this chair makes my back feel so much better, especially on the days my arthritis decides to flare up. It also helps with my posture and I have noticed an improvement in that. I would highly recommend this chair!
Robert A. Lewis
Radio Reading Network of Maryland
“We purchased two SitTights on the Kickstarter campaign, received them four days ago and already loving them. Thank you for coming through with flying colours on your promises!”
Delores Daly & David Donaldson
Belfountain, ON Canada
“SitTight challenges your core, stabilizes your spine and allows you to burn calories while sitting. I recommend SitTight to all my clients who spend their days sitting at a desk.”
Josh Sanchez
Josh Sanchez Fitness
“I absolutely love my SitTight!  It has taught me healthy habits that have now become second nature. Including sitting up straight, relaxing my shoulders and being mindful of my posture, even when I'm off the chair!”
Alex Bondarenko
Franklin, TN
“SitTight is the ideal chair for working core muscles and maintaining proper posture. I love that it turns the non-active time we spend sitting into a core stabilizing exercise. I recommend this product to all my clients.”
Jami Debernard
FitBody Fusion
“Great chair, it keeps me more focused and less fatigued.”
Thomas Nitopi
Las Vegas, NV
“I love my SitTight.  It feels so odd to sit in a 'regular' chair now.”
Karen Schulz
Minneapolis, MN