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Get fit while you sit. Balanced active sitting chair

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SitTight is a balancing chair to keep you fit and active while at your desk

Sitting all day, everyday at work behind a desk has been proven to be as detrimental to your health as smoking cigarettes. So how do we get around it then if that’s where we need to be during the day? What if … Read More

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SitTight Improves Health for People Who Sit for Long Hours

Most people are aware of the potential health detriments that come with sitting for long hours at a time, but the SitTight chair lets people stay seated without having to deal with those issues as acutely. The chair encourages active … Read More


SitTight Active Sitting Chair

Here is another chair that helps you become more active at work and engage your muscles. The SitTight Active Sitting Chair features a minimalist design, comfortable seat, stable base, adjustable air bladder, and customizable height. The chair not only activates … Read More


SitTight – Sitting Disease Fitness Chair For Pain Relief & Weight Loss?

Many studies have shown that due to the sedentary nature of many jobs these days, people have started to develop a host of issues like back problems, unregulated weight increase/ obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Thus, in order to curb … Read More