SitTight – Sitting Disease Fitness Chair For Pain Relief & Weight Loss?


Many studies have shown that due to the sedentary nature of many jobs these days, people have started to develop a host of issues like back problems, unregulated weight increase/ obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Thus, in order to curb the development of such issues, many experts recommend that people incorporate at least 45 minutes of regular exercise into their daily routines.

However, that is easier said than done as these days most jobs require people to work for at least 10-12 hours a day. Thus, in such scenarios it can be increasingly difficult to carve out time for a daily exercise regime.

To counter these problems, many innovative products have been released into the market. For example, stationary bikes which can be placed under one’s work desks are now available. These seating solutions allow users to keep pedalling and burning away calories as one does their regular office work.

Similarly, there are specialised dumbbells which users can use from time to time during coffee, work breaks that can help them stay in optimal physical shape.

About SitTight

SitTight is an all new seating platform that literally ‘transforms sitting into an activity that improves our health instead of damaging it.’ In its essence, the seat features a weight system that is attached to a comfortable sitting platform. Users are required to balance their weight and realign their ‘centre of gravity’ while on the SitTight so that they are constantly engaged in physical activity.


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