Frequently Asked Questions

SitTight gives standing desk users a healthy alternative to a standard office chair when taking a break from standing.  SitTight functions as an Active Sitting chair, promoting movement as you sit with your feet on the floor.

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For more exercise, place your feet on the SitTight’s footrest platform and balance on your center of gravity.  We call this Balanced Active Sitting™ and it increases the strength of your core muscles, improves your posture and intensifies calorie burn more than using a standing desk by itself.

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Many of our users with standing desks remove the seat portion of the SitTight from time to time and stand on the footrest platform, balancing as they work.  This also increases core strength, improves posture and raises the user’s heart rate, which promotes good circulation.


SitTight is the key to unlocking the value of a standing desk investment!

The SitTight chair can be used much the same way as a exercise ball when you sit on it with your feet on the floor (Active Sitting), but with one major safety advantage.  The SitTight has a tip limiter that only allows you to tilt 15 degrees before it stops your movement.  Many companies have banned exercise balls in their offices because of the number of workplace accidents they have caused.


Additionally, when you move your feet from the floor to the footrest platform on a SitTight, you are able to balance on your center of gravity. We call this Balanced Active Sitting™.  Balancing on a SitTight engages your core muscles, improves your posture and substantially increases the amount of calories burned verses sitting on an exercise ball.

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The amount of effort required to sit on a SitTight is adjustable. Please watch our How To SitTight video to learn how you can start out slowly and work up to higher levels of exercise as your balance and core strength improve over time. We recommend the use of a heart rate monitor and a corresponding app to record the impact of a SitTight on your health as you progress.

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Yes, you can return your SitTight within 30 days of delivery for 100% of the purchase price,  less the cost of return shipping and handling. Please see paragraph six of our Terms of Use Policy for complete details.

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