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Weight Loss

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Has your desk job made it difficult for you to stay active, causing you to live a sedentary lifestyle? Would you like to burn more calories throughout your day? Sitting for extended periods of time contributes to weight gain and can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. SitTight allows you to burn calories and promotes weight loss, all while sitting at your desk!


SitTight is uniquely designed to allow continuous movement from balancing on your center of gravity, which we call “Balanced Active Sitting™.” You can control the amount of calories your body burns while sitting on your SitTight by adjusting the amount of air pressure in the air bladder. This will increase or decrease the level of effort required to stay on your center of gravity. As your heart rate goes up or down, so does the amount of calories you burn.


When you commit to spending time “sitting tight”, you will burn more calories, helping you to meet your weight loss goals and live a healthier life!

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