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Bad posture is a common consequence of sitting in a traditional office chair for an extended period of time. This adds stress and strain to a body that is already under duress from the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The combination of poor posture and a weak core, specifically the paraspinal muscles, often lead to back and neck pain.


When balancing on a SitTight, your body will instinctively align itself into good posture as it is critical to optimizing balance. Picture a gymnast on a balance beam; have you ever noticed how they seem to have perfect posture? That is not a coincidence, rather it is required to maximize performance in a situation were balance is essential.


Many of our users have noticed that their posture improves, not only while they are sitting on their SitTight, but throughout their other daily activities. Good posture is a sign of good health and vitality. Don’t just sit there…sit tight!

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