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Pain Relief

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Do you suffer from back or neck pain from sitting at a desk? Does your body ache after a long day in front of the computer? Bad posture, poor circulation and muscle atrophy are likely contributors to the pain you are experiencing from sitting on a traditional desk chair. SitTight is designed to improve your posture, increase circulation, and strengthen your back muscles which helps to reduce, or even eliminate, the pain caused from extended periods of sitting!

The SitTight chair can be used in two different modes. The first is called Active Sitting. This is achieved by sitting up straight with your feet on the floor and continuously moving your hips while engaging your back, abdominal and paraspinal muscles. The second is Balanced Active Sitting™ which will increase your heart rate and circulation as you balance on your center of gravity. The time you spend on your SitTight will improve your posture, helping to reduce, or even eliminate, the back and neck pain you are experiencing from sitting all day.

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